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Brief Introduction To Jamkhandi, CMC.

Jamkhandi is a town with about 58,000 inhabitants in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located in the Bagalkot district. Jamkhandi was the capital of the former princely state Jamkhandi.

  • Jamkhandi was a princely state of British India on the Deccan Plateau in present-day state of Karnataka. Its capital was the place Jamkhandi. The Brahmin Har Bhat Patwardhan increased services to the Peshwa of the Marathas, and was the ancestor of the princes of Budhgaon, Miraj, Kurundwad, Sangli, Jamkhandi and Tasgaon. The first of Raja Gopal Rao Ramchandra Rao Patwardhan Jamkhandi (1811-40) was. 1820 Tasgaon was separated as a separate principality, in 1848 this British. Jamkhandi itself was a British protectorate until 1947. It was 1941, a two-part area of ??1357 km ² and 131,000 inhabitants. Since Great Britain on 18 July had decided in 1947, India and Pakistan were granted independence, Jamkhandi first independently, and the last Raja, Parshuram Rao Patwardhan II foundedalong with 15 other princes of the Deccan United States, on 5 February 1948 the State of Bombay were incorporated. On 19 February, the Raja took formal connection to India. On 1 November 1956 were repealed all principalities and came to Jamkhandi Karnataka.
  • Jamkhandi, is a town in Bagalkot district in the Indian state of Karnataka..



    Properties within Jamkhandi CMC limits have been identified & survey has been completed. Computerisation of records is under progress. Citizens can avail this facility shortly. 

    Birth and Death Online Application:  

    We are very happy to intimate the citizens of Jamkhandi city that our ULB has computerized the Birth and Death certificates from 1991 to till date under State Government KMRP computerization scheme, from now on wards citizens are requested to visit the citizen service centre at the office for registration and getting of Birth and Death certificates by paying service fee. Citizens are requested to make use of this facility. Website : www.jamkhanditown.gov.in/bndinfo  

    PGR(Public Grievance Reddressal System):

    Public can lodge theire complaints like Water related or street light or Drainage, Garbage removal etc.,c by calling to the below number or by e-mail to below mail id mentioned  our PGR Ph: 08353-220425  and our E-mail id:itstaff_ulb_jamkandi@yahoo.co.in.   or log on to the website  www.jamkhanditown.gov.in/pgrinfo

    kindly mention your mobile number and residential address with ward information. 


    ULB WEBSITE: Citizens can view various information related to CMC, Jamkhandi through our official website. www.jamkhanditown.gov.in 


    KGSC(Karnataka Gurantee of Services to Citizen Act 2011) : "ಸಕಾಲ" ಇಂದು... ನಾಳೆ... ಇನ್ನಿಲ್ಲ ಹೇಳಿದ ಸಮಯ(ದಿನ) ತಪ್ಪೋಲ್ಲ.
  This Act also known as SAKALA, every citizen shall have right to obtain citizen related services int heState in accordance with this act  within the stipulated time specified in the schedule.We request public to use the SAKALA service which is launched on 02.04.2012 in Jamkhandi City Municipal Council to get the information on time.
Sakal Counter Ph: 08353-221013       







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